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Home Inspection Report

Please take a look at a Sample Report.Sacramento Attic Inspection

Building PI produces what we think are the absolute best inspection reports and in most cases we print our home inspection reports on site so that you have your information right away.

Our reports are easy to read and understand and will include many pictures so you can easily identify with the issues we are talking about. We also stand by our inspections for 4 years! .

I take the time at the end of the inspection to walk you back through the findings and I also show you how your components and systems operate so you feel you have learned something about your new home when you leave.

Inspections are not just for buyers. We call people who get an inspection on their home prior to selling it "Smart Sellers". A pre-inspection gives you, the seller, time to fix issues before they become a problem during the selling transaction or allows you to disclose items so they will not become a negotiating factor, favoring the buyer.

Items in your report will cover but are not limited to...

  1. Foundation, Basement, and Under-floor Areas
    1. Foundation system
    2. Floor framing system
    3. Under-floor ventilation
    4. Foundation anchoring and cripple wall bracing
    5. Wood separation from soil
    6. Insulation
  2. Exterior
    1. Surface grade directly adjacent to the buildings
    2. Doors and windows
    3. Attached decks, porches, patios, balconies, stairways, and their enclosures
    4. Wall cladding and trim
    5. Portions of walkways and driveways that are adjacent to the buildings
  3. Roof Covering
    1. Covering
    2. Drainage
    3. Flashings
    4. Penetrations
    5. Skylights
  4. Attic Areas and Roof Framing
    1. Framing
    2. Ventilation
    3. Insulation
  5. Plumbing
    1. Water supply piping
    2. Drain, waste, and vent piping
    3. Faucets and fixtures
    4. Fuel gas piping
    5. Water heaters
    6. Functional flow and functional drainage
  6. Electrical
    1. Service equipment
    2. Electrical panels
    3. Circuit wiring
    4. Switches, receptacles, outlets, and lighting fixtures
  7. Heating and Cooling
    1. Heating equipment
    2. Central cooling equipment
    3. Energy source and connections
    4. Combustion air and exhaust vent systems
    5. Condensate drainage
    6. Conditioned air distribution systems
  8. Fireplaces and Chimneys
    1. Chimney exterior
    2. Spark arrestor
    3. Firebox
    4. Damper
    5. Hearth extension
  9. Building Interior
    1. Walls, ceilings, and floors
    2. Doors and windows
    3. Stairways, handrails, and guardrails
    4. Permanently installed cabinets
    5. Permanently installed cook-tops, mechanical range vents, ovens, dishwashers, and food waste disposers
    6. Absence of smoke alarms
    7. Vehicle doors and openers

Home Inspection Standards Of Practice

Home Inspection Code of Ethics

Home Inspection Law


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